How to pitch an idea

The few elements of a pitch that really matters. I will keep this blog post short because that is what you have to do too.

The few elements of a pitch that really matters.

I will keep this blog post really short because that is what you have to do too. Let’s say you are at the idea-stage. You have one or more great ideas and you are wondering whether or not others will think so too. This means you are ready to tell a friend, first customer, jury or even an investor about your idea.

Your pitch needs to be balanced, spend as much time explaining each part.


Start with a catchy one-liner or food for thought that explains the basis of your idea. But don’t be too clever – not so much food for thought that it goes over people’s heads. Here are two easy formats to take inspiration from:

“What if [dream scenario of your business]?”

“My company will [solve the chosen problem] by [describe what your service or product does]”


Describe the problem that needs to be solved for the customer you have in mind. Explain why there is a need for your service or product. If you can, put a monetary value on this problem to make your business case.


Tell the person who is listening how your idea solves the problem. The more you can explain about the customer’s journey the better. Don’t forget to include the payment in this journey! Explain the business model. Still keep it brief and simple. Example:

“This is how you use our service….” ” We connect [Customer A] and [Customer B] and charge a % fee from [Customer B].”


Clearly explain the benefits of your idea. Choose one big benefit or make a shortlist of the positive effects of using your service or product.


This part is key to convincing people of your credibility. Make sure people know you are grounded in reality, tell the listener about what competitors there are today. Of course, explain how you stand out.

CTA – Call to action

Your audience has now listened and liked your idea, they want to support you. Always end by telling people what to do next after hearing this amazing pitch.

A CTA can be to buy or perhaps you are looking for expert advice, testers, cofounders, an office, network… Ask for what you need right now.

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