Introduction to the blog

This blog will cover sustainable business development and communication. The benefit is there is an endless amount of things to write about. But it will likely also break most (all??) communication rules such as consistency, one-topic one-voice, and other really solid advice I’ve gotten and will continue to give to others (=You!). Why?

There are three reasons:

  1. Perfection is a wild goose chase. No one or thing, nor you or I am perfect. All we can do is start and learn. The same goes for this blog.
  2. Sustainability. True sustainability is interdisciplinary and includes many different perspectives.
  3. Business development. To develop a business, new or old, you have to look at the many different pillars of which a business rests on.

Sustainability means so many different things!

Since this blog will cover my work on sustainable business development and communication the benefit is there is an endless amount of things to write about. Sustainability includes income and gender equality, future-proofing our society, climate change, biodiversity… And then add on top of that my fiery interest in all things business and sales. As a business developer/advisor/communications consultant I have the pleasure of having very varying jobs and end up coaching, learning-by-doing and reading up on a lot on different topics.

The downside from a communications perspective when choosing such a wide topic is always that it is too wide. Not narrowing down means it might not be explanatory or specific enough for someone to understand why they would follow, read, hire or buy from you. To overcome this and make it easier for you – my reader – to navigate I will use tags and categories.

Communication starting-kit

For you who reads this that is also starting out with building your personal or business online presence, I will end this post with a few simple guidelines. In other words what rule of thumb to think about when you start or evaluate your online communication.

  1. Clear message
  2. Tone
  3. Consistency

Choose a main topic + 2 subtopics and relevant channels where you will talk about this. The more specific your main topic is, the better. If you run a product-based business then this would mean “The latest products” and then the subtopics might be “Process of making the product” and “customer stories”. It is always easier to narrow this down by having an outsiders perspective, book a consultation with me here.

Your tone of voice means what personality you will have, what feeling do you want to express? What kind of language; informal or formal, and structure; short or long text?

Finally, choose a frequency of publishing new content and stick to it. Remember to adjust it to the optimal frequency for the platform(s) of your choice. Choosing the correct platform and frequency is important. To hear more about what platform would fit you or your business, fill out the form on this site and I will get back to you shortly.

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