I help traditional brands & startups reach out, innovate, pitch, grow and profit. So far, I have coached and advised over 150 startups from idea to scale-up. The startup journey is exhilarating! I know first-hand as the co-founder of award-winning sustainable startups myself. Getting solid advice early on this journey can help you skyrocket the company faster than you imagined.

Communication & startup advisor

I help established business owners & startups reach out, innovate, pitch, grow and profit. So far, I have helped more than 150 startups from idea to scale-up and co-founded my own award-winning sustainable startups.

Startup Advisor

Book a 1:1 strategy session to

  • Create an efficient go-to-market strategy
  • Perfect your pitch, making it easy for people to understand what you do.
  • Develop a scable business model
  • Package you offers
  • Learn how to sell and get comfortable in sales
  • Turn ideas and plans into action



How to pitch an idea

The few elements of a pitch that really matters. I will keep this blog post short because that is what you have to do too.

The value of pitching yourself and how-to:

An easy guideline to social selling and talking about yourself. We know companies need a sales pitch and brand, but it turns out You might even be a more effective tool in the marketing strategy than the brands own advertising. An employee with a strong presence on social media will reach far more people and create a deeper relationship and associations to customers than paid advertising ever could.

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