I help traditional brands & startups reach out, innovate, pitch, grow and profit. So far, I have coached and advised over 150 startups from idea to scale-up. The startup journey is exhilarating! I know first-hand as the co-founder of award-winning sustainable startups myself. Getting solid advice early on this journey can help you skyrocket the company faster than you imagined.

Communication & startup advisor

Are you starting your business? Or ready to scale up? The startup journey can be fun and thrilling with all those big ideas and big dreams! But…. it can also feel like that nightmare where you try to run as fast as possible only to look down and see your legs move in slow motion. You are not alone. The happy news is everyone can learn how to run a successful business.

I help you get over your obstacles, become your own best salesperson and get over that perfectionist mindset keeping you from moving on and moving on up.

The methodology I follow shortens your startup journey from an average of 1 year to 3 months. Together we growth hack & find a go-to-market strategy that will get those legs in your business moving as fast as Florence Griffith-Joyner & Usain Bolt.

Hi, my name is Anna. I help established business owners & startups reach out, innovate, pitch, grow and profit. So far, I have helped more than 150 startups from idea to scale-up and co-founded my own award-winning sustainable startups.

Business development

  • Organization consultant
  • Turn risk to opportunity
  • Innovation process
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Intercultural, international and sustainable communication

Communication strategy

  • Communication strategy
  • Copywriter
  • Public relations
  • Pitch deck review & creation

Startup Advisor

Book a 1:1 strategy session to

  • Reach proof of concept
  • Create a solid go-to-market strategy
  • Increase your investment readiness level
  • Perfect your pitch, making it easy for people to understand & buy what you do.
  • Develop a scale up strategy with a scable business model
  • Turn ideas and plans into action



How to pitch an idea

The few elements of a pitch that really matters. I will keep this blog post short because that is what you have to do too.

The value of pitching yourself and how-to:

An easy guideline to social selling and talking about yourself. We know companies need a sales pitch and brand, but it turns out You might even be a more effective tool in the marketing strategy than the brands own advertising. An employee with a strong presence on social media will reach far more people and create a deeper relationship and associations to customers than paid advertising ever could.

Introduction to the blog

This blog will cover sustainable business development and communication. The benefit is there is an endless amount of things to write about. But it will likely also break most (all??) communication rules such as consistency, one-topic one-voice, and other really solid advice I’ve gotten and will continue to give to others (=You!). Why? There are […]

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